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Are Hormones in Milk Harmful to Your Health? The Surprising Answer

Perhaps you’ve heard some scary things about the hormones in milk lately. Does Canadian milk contain hormones that can secretly mess with your hormones? Are hormones in milk harmful?
The truth is, it’s complicated. While some studies have linked hormones in milk and dairy foods to potential health issues, the evidence is mixed, and there are a lot of myths out there.
Like cooking with cannabis oil, researching hormones in milk could be a hassle without the right…

5 Tips for Cooking With Cannabis Oil

Every day, people are finding new ways of using legalized Cannabis. Different ways to use CBD are being discovered daily, and one of them is cooking with Cannabis oil. For people who don’t smoke, cooking with Cannabis oil is an innovative and fun way of using the herb.
Tips for Cooking With Cannabis Oil
1. Choose the Right CBD Product to Use
When cooking with Cannabis oil, you should know that not all CBD-related products are great for cooking. Instead, you could use homemade CBD coconut oil or olive oil. They are a better option and great for quick oral administration. You should also consider the quality of…


Cooking with Your Vaporizer

Many people have kitchen appliances in their kitchens that they have never used. However, Bargain E-Juice says, some gadgets in our kitchens can be used for cooking but were never meant for it. One example of these is your vaporizer. Yes, vaporizers are no longer just used for vaping because they can now be utilized to make quick and easy but still delicious meals.
Still, how can you use a vaporizer for cooking? Continue reading to find out.
An Overview of Vaporizers
In general, vaporizers weren’t designed with cooking food in mind. In fact, these devices are primarily used …

French Cooking 101: Spices

The secret to exquisite French cuisine is the complex flavors brought by spices.
There are seven essential spices that French cooks use to create mouth-watering, intense flavors in their dishes. So, if you have them in your spice rack or storage, then you can get yourself cooking with these to create your first French meal.
Bouquet Garni
It’s mainly a bouquet of herbs like parsley, thyme, sage, peppercorn, and bay leaves tied on butcher string. They all work well with stock and French …

Five Alternatives to Olive Oil

Let’s face it; many kitchens worldwide always have a bottle of olive oil in stock. While it has many uses for cooking, flavoring, and even salad dressings, plus its extensive health benefits, it isn’t one of the most affordable options on the market, making you look for alternatives.
So, which cooking oils should you consider in place of olive oil?
Almond Oil
This Vitamin E-packed oil is proven to reduce total cholesterol while giving any dish a flavorful touch. You can also use this for salad dressings, soups, and pasta.
Coconut Oil
This is …

Boiling, Poaching, or Simmering: What’s the Difference?

Throughout your cooking experience, you may have read the terms poaching, boiling, and simmering.
Of course, while all these involve hot water, they are not the same terms. This article will explore how they’re distinct from one another and how you can apply these terms to your cooking.
Boiling involves heating water to its boiling point (212°F). It is notable because it creates drastic bubbles rolling at the surface. The most common ingredients cooked with the boiling technique are rice, grains, eggs, vegetables, and pasta.

Wine Pairing 101: A Guide to the Most Efficacious Wine Pairings

No dinner parties will ever be completed without a bottle of wine. However, which one should you choose? This comprehensive wine pairing guide will help you prepare the best wine that will indeed pair well with the prepared dish.
Sauvignon Blanc
This wine is best when you’re serving oysters, pesto, briny-heavy sauces, fish like halibut, green vegetables like asparagus, and goat cheese. It is still diverse with dish pairing but not as much as Pinot Noir.
This wine is best for veal, pork roast, grilled beef, Caesar salad with …

Authentic Neapolitan-style Pizza

The best pizza is always about the crust. This online recipe class will teach you how to achieve the best-tasting pizza crust that will pair well with the flavorful toppings and its tender yet chewy texture.
Plus, you’ll get to learn the basic techniques of working with yeast and flour to replicate that authentic pizza made by Italian pizzerias. We will also review techniques on shaping and topping pizza crusts and developing more pizza styles you can experiment with throughout this course.
Prepare yourself by watching the …

Potato Galette

Got a bit hungry? This online recipe class will teach you the details and intricacies of the famous potato galette. This recipe will let you create that crispy, deeply bronzed crust with a creamy center of well-seasoned potatoes and delectable butter.
This dish will surely be a showstopper to any occasion, so it will take some time to prepare and assemble it to perfection before leaving it in the oven. Nevertheless, it’s the best non-deep-friend potato dish you will ever dig at any dinner party….