Cooking with Your Vaporizer


Many people have kitchen appliances in their kitchens that they have never used. However, Bargain E-Juice says, some gadgets in our kitchens can be used for cooking but were never meant for it. One example of these is your vaporizer. Yes, vaporizers are no longer just used for vaping because they can now be utilized to make quick and easy but still delicious meals.
Still, how can you use a vaporizer for cooking? Continue reading to find out.

An Overview of Vaporizers

In general, vaporizers weren’t designed with cooking food in mind. In fact, these devices are primarily used for vaping, an alternative to traditional cigarettes. In fact, they can even be used to smoke marijuana.
Overall, you can get vaporizers at affordable prices, although some more expensive models can cost around $500 or more.
They blow hot air over the organic materials, thereby vaporizing the essential oils without completely combusting the herb. In addition, its temperature is capped to prevent burning. As a result, this eliminates the by-products of the smoke that causes lung clogging and acrid flavors.

Cooking with a Vaporizer: Butternut Ravioli with Sage Vapor and Brown Butter

This dish is an excellent example of how you can use vaporizers in cooking. Check out the following recipe to learn how to cook this for four people.
Serves: Four

For the Ravioli

Two lbs of butternut squash, peel and cut them into one-inch chunks
4 oz goat cheese
One teaspoon of sea salt
One stick of unsalted butter
Dried sage

For the Pasta

A cup of cake flavor
A quarter cup of flour
half teaspoon sea salt
Two big egg yolks
11/2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup of water


First, pulse the salt and flour in a food processor. Then, add oil, yolks, and water, and run your motor to the point when the dough comes together to form a ball. After this, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it at room temperature for about an hour.
In addition, for about 25 minutes, steam butternut over boiled water in a pot fitted with one steamer basket. You can then put it in a food processor with salt and goat cheese until it combines. Then, let the filling cool. Divide the dough into four pieces.
Next, roll two of the pieces to a thinner setting. Ensure to use water to brush the edges of the pasta sheet and lay a second sheet over the top. After this, cut with a pasta cutter or a knife into square ravioli. You can repeat with the remaining filling and dough.
Once you’re done, you can boil your ravioli in salted water, making sure to boil it for 4 minutes. Afterward, drain pasta and divide it between serving plates, then over every plate with a bowl. Next, place sage in a vaporizer and then vaporize as it catches vapor and bowls. Once you’re done, you can now set the dish on plates and serve.


Vaporizers aren’t just for vaping anymore; they can also be used to create delicious meals, such as the recipe detailed above.

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