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Authentic Neapolitan-style Pizza

The best pizza is always about the crust. This online recipe class will teach you how to achieve the best-tasting pizza crust that will pair well with the flavorful toppings and its tender yet chewy texture.
Plus, you’ll get to learn the basic techniques of working with yeast and flour to replicate that authentic pizza made by Italian pizzerias. We will also review techniques on shaping and topping pizza crusts and developing more pizza styles you can experiment with throughout this course.
Prepare yourself by watching the …

Potato Galette

Got a bit hungry? This online recipe class will teach you the details and intricacies of the famous potato galette. This recipe will let you create that crispy, deeply bronzed crust with a creamy center of well-seasoned potatoes and delectable butter.
This dish will surely be a showstopper to any occasion, so it will take some time to prepare and assemble it to perfection before leaving it in the oven. Nevertheless, it’s the best non-deep-friend potato dish you will ever dig at any dinner party….

Chocolate Babka

This babka recipe is perfect for every bread and pastry lover.
This online recipe class will teach the classic babka cinnamon filling paired with decadent chocolate layers.
Moreover, the succulent dough and dark chocolate filling will surely be a one-of-a-kind dessert for any occasion anywhere in the world.
In addition, the egg whites keep the filling in the center of the loaf, which creates a stunning visual when sliced. You can take this recipe home when you enroll in this online recipe class today….

Fluffy Omelet with Whipped Egg Whites

Although this French omelet dish isn’t a familiar recipe, you surely won’t take second thoughts learning this delightful diner version.
Taking a couple of inches off the typical diner omelet, fluffy omelets are cooked in ambient, forgiving oven heat that removes the typical burner flame fiddling. This process prevents overcooking and gives it a fluffy presentation.
We will use whipped egg whites for structure alongside a few secret ingredients for this online recipe class. Start cooking this recipe by taking this online …

Authentic Baguettes

For this online authentic baguette recipe class, we will share tips on sifting two types of flour, mixing and folding the dough, and the rising method to deliver the complex fermentation flavor. All these while making the recipe as flexible as it can be.
All these steps allow loaf baking at any time within a three-day window. All it takes is to sign up for this online class and prepare the four essential ingredients (i.e., flour, salt, yeast, and water).
After this, you can apply this preparation technique to create that …