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French Cooking 101: Spices

The secret to exquisite French cuisine is the complex flavors brought by spices.
There are seven essential spices that French cooks use to create mouth-watering, intense flavors in their dishes. So, if you have them in your spice rack or storage, then you can get yourself cooking with these to create your first French meal.
Bouquet Garni
It’s mainly a bouquet of herbs like parsley, thyme, sage, peppercorn, and bay leaves tied on butcher string. They all work well with stock and French …

Fluffy Omelet with Whipped Egg Whites

Although this French omelet dish isn’t a familiar recipe, you surely won’t take second thoughts learning this delightful diner version.
Taking a couple of inches off the typical diner omelet, fluffy omelets are cooked in ambient, forgiving oven heat that removes the typical burner flame fiddling. This process prevents overcooking and gives it a fluffy presentation.
We will use whipped egg whites for structure alongside a few secret ingredients for this online recipe class. Start cooking this recipe by taking this online …

Chicken Bouillabaisse

This online recipe class follows a similar process to the original Provençal chicken bouillabaisse stew in an hour. More than the potent bouillabaisse flavor, this recipe can be done at a more affordable cost than the traditional fish version.
Moreover, potatoes are cooked right at the stew, which makes the process much simpler. Afterward, the dish is transferred to the preheated oven to achieve a crispy skin finish. Start cooking this delectable French recipe when you …