5 Tips for Cooking With Cannabis Oil

Every day, people are finding new ways of using legalized Cannabis. Different ways to use CBD are being discovered daily, and one of them is cooking with Cannabis oil. For people who don’t smoke, cooking with Cannabis oil is an innovative and fun way of using the herb.

Tips for Cooking With Cannabis Oil

1. Choose the Right CBD Product to Use

When cooking with Cannabis oil, you should know that not all CBD-related products are great for cooking. Instead, you could use homemade CBD coconut oil or olive oil. They are a better option and great for quick oral administration. You should also consider the quality of the CBD oil you intend to use for cooking. It’s best to purchase your cannabis oil from a reputable CBD oil company.

2. Don’t Use CBD Oil With High THC

If you’re just trying to cook with Cannabis oil, you should be wary of CBD oils with a high concentration of THC. THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the ingredient that causes people to get ‘high.’ If you’re using your cannabis oil for a medical condition, you should avoid CBD oil with a high-level THC. If you’re cooking with Cannabis oil for recreational purposes, then you can use an oil with THC, although it’s advisable to use it in low quantities.

3. Understand the Difference Between Cannabis Oil and Other Oils

Using Cannabis oil for cooking is different from using your regular vegetable oil or olive oil. First of all, their chemical composition varies, so you have to cook with them differently. When cooking with Cannabis oil, don’t use too much heat. It could cause the Cannabis oil to become bitter or lose its terpenes, which helps with the oil’s effectiveness. You also need to understand that cooking with Cannabis oil is mostly better when used with strong and spicy flavors. However, you could mix your CBD oil with a little of your regular oil to lessen the overpowering taste.

4. Experiment With Different Recipes

Cooking with Cannabis oil is fun, and you can choose to experiment with different recipes. You can add your cannabis oil to your smoothies, cream, and other recipes that contain fat. CBD works well with dishes that contain fat. You can also choose to use your CBD oil in preparing certain sauces and food dressings. By experimenting with different recipes, you discover new and better ways of infusing CBD into your diet to improve your health.

5. You Have to Be Patient

Using Cannabis oil for cooking is different from smoking CBD. When you cook with CBD oil, you’re likely going to take a longer time to feel the effects. It has to be digested first before it can get to your bloodstream. What that means is that you have to be patient because you might have to wait for some hours before feeling the effect of your cannabis oil. The good thing about this is that the effects last longer than when you smoke CBD. You should also take note of what you’re consuming your CBD oil with. If you’re pairing your meal with alcohol or other drugs, it might delay or reduce the effect of the CBD.

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